Clinical medicine referrals and case support

Cases are seen through primary veterinary practices, either independently or together with the requesting vet. After initial consultation, primary case responsibility will remain with the requesting vet. Ongoing advice and support will be offered and follow up consultations can be arranged.

Given the visiting nature of the service, referral to a hospital facility may be preferable in some cases.

Examples of cases Specialist Equine Medical Services can help with include:

· Poor performance or lethargy

· Weight loss or persistent obesity

· Recurrent colic

· Pyrexia of unknown origin

· Polyuria and polydipsia

· Investigation of cardiac arrhythmia and assessment for safety to ride

· Investigation of a cardiac murmur and assessment for safety to ride

· Recurring or challenging dermatological disease

· Recurrent or challenging ocular disease

· Recurrent or challenging respiratory disease

· Bizarre symptoms

· Others!